Carbon Monoxide Detectors

The Goderich Society of St. Vincent de Paul has been working to ensure that all homes requiring a carbon monoxide detector have one. Because carbon monoxide cannot be sensed, residents will not know if there are unsafe levels of carbon monoxide in their house without a detector.

Carbon Monoxide is an odourless, colourless gas that is produced when fuels like wood, oil, and gas are burned. This gas, when present in toxic quantities, is hazardous and life-threatening. All homes—especially those with wood, oil, gas, and propane appliances—should be equipped with carbon monoxide detectors.

Unlike fire detectors, carbon monoxide detectors are not legally required in homes. This, coupled with the costs of the detectors, means that many homes are not protected from carbon monoxide.

The Goderich Society of St. Vincent de Paul has teamed up with the Goderich Fire Department to ensure that all homes have access to at least one carbon monoxide detector. These detectors are provided at no charge.

Carbon monoxide detectors can be found at our MacEwan St. store. To request a free detector, please contact us.


To donate a carbon monoxide detector or to offer financial or volunteer support for the funding of carbon monoxide detectors, please contact us.