The Society of St. Vincent de Paul (“SVDP”) has been active in serving Goderich and area since 1983. The SVDP began with only six volunteers and a dream. It operated for only two hours each week in the beginning; by 1990, an expansion of the society was required due to high demand. The store currently has 45 volunteers and is open 6 days a week.

Although Catholic in character, the society is committed to serving all people’s needs regardless of religion, race, gender, financial situation, age, or abilities.

Since it’s inception, the volunteers and community have been working hard to ensure that the SVDP is well-serviced and able to meet the changing needs of the region. The society constantly strives to renew and be adaptable. No work of charity is foreign to the society.

The Goderich Society of St. Vincent de Paul is blessed to have a store, soup kitchen, and food bank. The food bank alone serves over 140 families (290 individuals) per month in the Goderich area since 2011. The soup kitchen serves over 1,200 people per month.