Our Stores

Our stores offer a large eclectic collection of new and used items that are available at affordable costs for everyone. We currently have two stores: One at our main location, 441 MacEwan St., and the other at 417 Parsons Court.

The MacEwan St. thrift store features a large collection of clothing, small household goods, and other miscellaneous items. The Parsons Court store is a large facility that holds furniture, collectibles, appliances, antiques, new beds, and many other things!

The inventory in our two stores changes and updates on a regular basis. Religious items, such as Bibles and rosaries, are available at no charge at the MacEwan location. Other items include, but are not limited to:

Household Goods

  • Linens, drapes, and bedding
  • Appliances (large and small for all rooms of the house)
  • Furniture of all varieties
  • Cookware, dishes, and cutlery


  • Clothing
  • Jewellery
  • Footwear

Toys & Electronics

  • Toys for all ages (including board games)
  • Books
  • Various electronics

The stores also host occasional (and usually impromptu) silent auctions.

Donations & Pick Ups

All of the items in our stores are donated, with the exception of the new beds. If you have items that are still in good condition (not broken, ripped, stained, odorous, etc.), you can drop them off at one of our stores during specific hours. A donation box is located outside the store on MacEwan St. for smaller items, such as clothing and books, which is unlocked 10am-4pm. Donations of all sorts are accepted in it provided they easily fit inside. Anything that will not easily fit into the bin MUST be brought to the Parsons location during the specified donation times and staff must inspect the item(s) before it is accepted and the staff have the right to say no to anything. If you are unable to drop off, please contact us as we provide a free pickup service (main floor only) for furniture and other large items throughout the area (some exceptions apply). The communities and surrounding areas we offer free pick up on a regular basis are:









Huron Haven




Port Albert




Other pickups outside of these areas may be done on a case by case basis upon special request.