Our Stores

Our stores offers a large eclectic collection of new and used items that are available at affordable costs for everyone. We currently have two stores: One at our main location, 441 MacEwan St., and the other at 417 Parsons Court (full addresses here).

The MacEwan S.t store features a large collection of clothing, small household goods and other miscellaneous items. The Parsons Court store is a large facility that holds furniture and other larger items for the home.

The inventory in our two stores changes and updates on a regular basis. Religious items, such as Bibles and rosaries, are available at no charge. Other items include, but are not limited to:

Household Goods

  • Linens, drapes and bedding
  • Appliances (large and small for all rooms of the house)
  • Furniture of all varieties
  • Cookware, dishes and cutlery


  • Clothing
  • Jewellery
  • Footwear

Toys & Electronics

  • Toys for all ages (including board games)
  • Books
  • Various electronics

The stores also host occasional (and usually impromptu) silent auctions.

Donations & Pick Ups

Many of the items in our stores are donated. If you have items that you think can be put to a new use in our community, you can drop them off at one of our stores. If you are unable to drop items off, please contact us as we provide a free pickup service for numerous items throughout the region! Click here to see our pickup area.

A 24-hour donation box is located outside our store on MacEwan St. Donations of all sorts are accepted in it. Certain large items (e.g. mattresses and large appliances) must be dropped-off during open hours. Please bring large household items to our Parsons Court location.