Food Bank


Through the food bank alone, we have served up to 100 families (290 individuals) per month in the Goderich area.

Each food hamper offers a 7–10-day supply and is always made uniquely for the person(s) receiving it according to their likes and dislikes, allergies, diet, and cooking abilities. We even take their environment into consideration. For example, we would pack differently for someone who is homeless compared to someone who is staying in a motel room or a family in a house. Every hamper offers perishables (milk, margarine, eggs, fresh fruit & produce, cheese slices), frozen meats (fish, chicken, beef, pork, and chicken), hygiene products, paper products, non-perishables, and bread. We encourage people to try new recipes and sometimes we have samples for them to try – like chickpea cookies!

Our Christmas hampers are similar in that they still get the above but also have the choice of the main meat – roast beef, ham, turkey, or pork loin roast along with all the seasonal treats and extras, like sweet potatoes, turnip, pie, etc. A small gift and socks or gloves are included along with a “stocking” of treats.

As much as we continued to evolve, we knew we were still missing a group of people – the ones who were from a generation or mindset of needing help but were never going to ask. Thus, the Daily Soup Pot began in 2016. Soup and buns are available in the store to all during open hours. A note on the unmonitored donation jar says, “You are welcome to leave a donation for yourself and perhaps a donation for the one who can’t.” No one knows who is simply enjoying the social “lunch while you shop” or if it may be the only meal they have. We see a lot of people – seniors, homeless, and even children enjoying the various soups – bean & ham, cabbage with meat, beans & wieners, homemade potato, beef barley, chili, and more! This promotes a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Pre-Covid in 2019, our Soup Corner served over 1000 people in one month. We are happy to finally have it back up and running again!

We are extremely grateful for our regular donors, the community’s occasional food drives, and our amazing volunteers who continue to give of themselves with their hearts, talents, and time. More than this, we continue to be amazed and humbled by God’s continuing grace, provisions, and blessings.

We are able to deliver hampers of food and do home visits if required.

For a list of other food banks and food assistance programs in Huron County, please click here.


The food bank is open Monday to Friday, 12 noon to 3:30 p.m. or by special appointment (please contact us).


We are pleased to accept donations to our society. For a list of items that are always welcome, please click here. Also, monetary donations (cash, cheques, or e-transfers) are accepted so that we can purchase items that can’t be donated, such as perishable food.

The Goderich Society of St. Vincent de Paul offers a large range of items to the community. Donations help us maintain this service. Items such as over-the-counter pain medications (e.g. Advil and Tylenol), vitamins, hygiene products, and more are just as welcome as food donations.

If you and/or your organization are interested in helping our food bank, please contact us so that we can discuss opportunities.